Huawei Ark compiler has been released

Google has banned Huawei from its market. Now the new era of competition between Google and Huawei has been started. May we benefit from it?
Of course, because we have a great opportunity to start creating apps for Huawei. At the moment there are not many apps for Huawei as from iPhone, Android. Huawei will release a new independent operation system “Harmony OS”.

You can install ARK compiler on the following link:

According to the US government, Huawei is a threat to National Security. Huawei’s new smartphones will not be able to use Google Maps or other related Software to google, because of the US trade ban.

Is it really necessary to ban Huawei?? In my opinion, no. I suppose Google is using tracking devices too and maybe more than we could imagine. If you look carefully into General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of google you will find very many things that google collects. For instance: your keywords, your contact data, your interests on the web and location, your IP address and more …

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