Author: Gennadiy Shevtsov


WHILE-LOOP “While loops” are used for repeating executions over specific count. The counter is only an aborting execution value. In general, a loop does not need a counter but in Read more

Logical Operators

Following operators are used in java : operator usage description &&(AND) A && B Return true value when A,B are true ||(OR) A || B Return true , if one Read more

if else statement

IF-ELSE-STATEMENT is a decision maker and executes an instruction having a true or false statement. The main Syntax is: IF (CONDITION) STATEMENT [ELSE STATEMENT2]   // optional option is in square Read more

First Java Program

First Programm Hello World: Step 1: Download eclipse from You need only 1 Version of eclipse JAVA or C++.  Step 2: Download new java JDK Remember your installation Read more