Author: Gennadiy Shevtsov

bubble sort

Bubblesort Principle Bubblesort is the easiest sorting algorithm to implement. Bubblesort algorithm runs from left to right. If the value is greater than the neighbour, the values will swap with Read more

Linked List

Programming C tutorial: List Prerequisite: Call by Value, Call by reference, pointers In this chapter, you will learn more complex programming skills. I assume you understand the basic concept of Read more


Recursion Recursion is a function that always repeats a specific number of executions over time until abort criteria(s) of execution(s) has(have) reached. 1. Abort critera is a condition when you Read more

Simple Calculator (Android)

How to start: 1. Install Android Studio and create empty Activity 2. We will be using class EvaluateEngine from Rhino  3. Click on build.gradle(Module: app) and set the following parameters: Read more

Variables and Datatypes

Datatype Table Datatype Size Range Int 4 Bytes -2147483648 … +2147483647 Boolean 1 bit true or false Byte 1 Byte(8 bit) -127…+127 short 2 bytes -32.768 – 32.767 long 8 Read more


Arrays An array is used to store more variables into 1 variable. It starts from int[] with square brackets +variable name and the definition of the datatype(in this case: new Read more

Constructor java

Constructor is a block of code of another class.The main purpose of it is to instantiate an object of the other class.In general it’s possible to programm any code in Read more


In this tutorial, we will learn 2 types of most important modifiers „private “, “public“ and  a simple class with overloaded methods. Every class and variable have a modifier, and Read more