Android Studio release 3.5 features

Google has released new version of Android Studio 3.5 for development.There are major improvements containing perfomance,memory allocation and synchronizations.

Feature 1: Memory usage report
Memory problems may be reported to google helping analyze the main source of problems.

Feature 2: Windows: Antivirus file I/O optimization
Automation process of excluding project from antivirus scanner.
This improves slightly perfomance.

Feature 3:Project Marble Feature polish
Changing the code in app requires restart of the application but know it`s possible to push the code without restarting .

Feature 4:App deployment
A drop-down menu helping you select your device to deploy your app

Feature 5:Improved build error output
Error reporting has been improved while syncing and building the app.

Feature 6:Layout Editor
By pressing the delete key its possible to delete Constraints from ConstraintLayout.
In a Constraint Widget pressing “+” key allows you to create a new constraint automatically.

Feature 7:Data binding
Perfomance improvment for data binding

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