How to implement a simple Ad to activity with a simple design

STEP1: Create google AdMob Account on get your publisher id  it looks like this: ca-app-pub-12345678912345667778901123 (SAMPLE)NEVER USE your pub id for test purpopeses!your account may be banned !!!!For test purposes use a test pub id: STEP2: Create new Empty Activity and add to strings.xml <string name = “google_app_id” translatable=”false”>ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111</string> (test sample)  STEP3: ADD to manifest following parameters: Dont […]

Java Factory pattern

When do we use it? Design patterns are used when you have a super class with multiple sub classes depending on output you need to return one of the sub classes. Usage Method 1: Apply a Singleton pattern Usage Method 2: make the factory method static advantage Provide approach to code for interface rather than implementation Changes of […]

Android Studio release 3.5 features

Google has released new version of Android Studio 3.5 for development.There are major improvements containing perfomance,memory allocation and synchronizations.Feature 1: Memory usage report Memory problems may be reported to google helping analyze the main source of problems.Feature 2: Windows: Antivirus file I/O optimization Automation process of excluding project from antivirus scanner. This improves slightly perfomance. Feature 3:Project Marble […]

backup of hybrid partition tables

Well, imagine if you have a MacOs with hybrid operation systems “Linux”, “Windows”.The most difficult part is to make a backup system, that makes a backup of each partition correctly. There is a general solution to this problem. Many backup systems fail to backup because of different partition tables(like MBR/GPT..) What is MBR?(short version) Master Boot Record stores […]