Java Factory pattern

When do we use it? Design patterns are used when you have a super class with multiple sub classes depending on output you need to return one of the sub Read more

Android Studio release 3.5 features

Google has released new version of Android Studio 3.5 for development.There are major improvements containing perfomance,memory allocation and synchronizations.Feature 1: Memory usage report Memory problems may be reported to google Read more

try-catch block

a try catch block prevents to crash the application to occur and intercept the Exceptions while runtime . Syntax:  try{ // code catch([Exceptionclass ex]){ // error handling } But what Read more

How to use reflections in java

Reflections provide you access to other classes,methods and constructors from a loaded class.Manipulating methods,Fields,Constructors is possible through invoking different operations. Reflections are often used in RPC(Remote Procedure Call) providing remote Read more