Magnetic field Sensor

In this tutorial i will show you how to implement a magnetic field sensor. Note:THIS TUTORIAL WORKS ONLY WITH REAL DEVICE following Framework is needed: SensorManager (provide instance of class Read more

try-catch block

a try catch block prevents to crash the application to occur and intercept the Exceptions while runtime . Syntax:  try{ // code catch([Exceptionclass ex]){ // error handling } But what Read more

How to use reflections in java

Reflections provide you access to other classes,methods and constructors from a loaded class.Manipulating methods,Fields,Constructors is possible through invoking different operations. Reflections are often used in RPC(Remote Procedure Call) providing remote Read more

JavaScript Hello World

Javascript is a scripting language that is used for evaluating user interaction with HTML and the Web. Syntax:  <script>[commands]</script> first Step: open Notepad editor insert the code below save as Read more

super keyword

With a super keyword, you have access(reference) to your parent class. In addition to super, you benefit invoking the methods, variables of the parent class. Example: Output is: 2 Read more